Mekong Eyes Cruise



The “Mekong Eyes” was originally an old traditional rice carrying barge, built from the finest of old quality woods and carefully designed by the finest craftsmen living at the time on the Mekong Delta. This beautiful vessel is 8.5m in width and 39m in length. There is a story attached to the unusual name. When a vessel was newly built, eyes were painted on the front to ensure safe journeys, a top class crew and good luck all round. Then, they held an “eye opening” ceremony. This boat is 250m2 and can carry up to 30 passengers. There are 15 well insulated rooms, all with air-conditioning, fan and private bathrooms. A choice of twin or double beds and with all the comforts of a luxury hotel. When you wake in the morning you will open your eyes to the life of the Mekong viewed from the windows of your cabin. The top deck is an open sitting area where you can enjoy sun, gorgeous views and have attentive staff offering cool drinks and tasty snacks Below this, the upper deck has a comfortable lounge area where you can relax and watch the busy river life. The lower deck has a lovely dining area where you will be served delicious Vietnamese dishes for every meal. Or you can have your choice of cocktails and drinks at any time.


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