Ha Tien

Of all the towns on the Mekong Delta, Ha Tien, is situated at the northwestern most part of the country, right on the border with Cambodia. The town has experienced a fast-paced change in recent years. Before, the small town is lucky to get a handful of Western visitors, but nowadays, the town is buzzing with all sorts of travelers. Two factors have caused the influx of tourists, first of which is the opening of the border to foreign travelers at Xa Xia, located north of Ha Tien. With the opening of the border, it is now possible to head directly to Sihanoukville and Kep without going to Phnom Penh. The second reason for the influx of tourists is the start of the hydrofoil services to Phu Quoc, providing tourists with a cheaper and faster way to the island than from Rach Gia.